Monday, July 30, 2007


Turns out we stole our roommate's camera cord and it's identical to ours. So, picture time, and a full FO post.

Pattern: Lelah
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport, in Grass (6560)
Needles: Clover circulars US 6 & 4
Notes: This pattern was wonderful to work. While the pattern called for worsted weight yarn and needles twice as big as the ones I used, I went down to sport wright for a more summery feel. I think it turned out wonderfully. I also really like the small stitches in the stockingette part above the ribbon.

I obviously added straps, following the beautful example of indieknitter. Since they're knit straps, they're awully stretchy. I am probably going to put in some fabric of some sort of lining on them, since bra-strap-coverage is needed. I also added a garter stitch border before I started the straps. I did it once without the border, and the edge curled horribly.

I was afraid that the lace part was going to be too short, but it turned out perfectly. I just have a short torso, and big boobs, so the proportions look off when I'm not wearing it. Actually, it's a good thing I did exactly the number of repeats I did, because I have less than a yard of yarn left. Seriously, the ball I have left is about the size of a nickel.

The ribbon is just something I found at Jackie's house- I love it though. It's a shiny, semi-transparent yellow. I think I'll also get a length of green/white polkadotted ribbon, just to change it up when I'm feeling a bit sassy.

Remember all that knitting in the car I was talking about? Well, here's a story for you. We were in the giant moving van, and for the first part of the drive, it was full of Mike's aunt's furniture. Since the van only has two seats, I got the princess treatment and rode in a throne in the back, surrounded by boxes. For the second half of the trip, we bought a plastic lawn chair and took turns sitting in it, driving, and reading Harry Potter aloud (even better than a book on tape, although being the primary reader definitely cut into my knitting time!). All went well, until around 10 pm I was in the chair, dozing off, and the driver took a turn a little to fast and I went sprawling across the back of the van. I ended up upside down, smushed against the door, my neck at a very strange angle. The first words out of my mouth were, "I can't move!" which I realize, was not the most comforting thing to say, as I certainly hadn't broken my neck. I twisted myself around and they pulled the van over. All was fine in the end, but no one got into the lawn chair again! Here's the lesson: wear a seatbelt! And next time, get one of those lawn chairs with short little legs. Or, just lie on the sleeping bag in the back.


Did someone say 'knitting'? said...

Hey that's really pretty! :)

Joanne said...

That is a beautiful top!