Sunday, July 29, 2007

J'ai finis!

Lelah's done! I'm gleefully wearing her right now.

One of the better things about being in an extremely dry climate (as opposed to the bad things, like dry, itchy skin, allergies, watery eyes, and dehyrdation), is how incredibly fast blocked knitting dries! I rinsed Lelah and pinned her out at 10 this morning. I set her out on the porch to dry, and at 4pm, she was ready to wear!

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the cord that connects the camera to the computer with me on this trip to California, so we'll all have to wait until Tuesday when I get home to see pictures. I'll also have to wait until then to knit something else, because I have no more yarn with me! I might just go get some, because a 13 hour drive just begs for some knitting!

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