Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day Off Perfection

I finished the Chevron / Jaywalker Socks! I absolutely LOVE them, and love how perfectly matched I got the stripes. (I pulled from the second ball of yarn until I had it at the same starting point in the dye). I don't think I can bear to give them up. Kitty loves them too.

Pattern: My own, using the Chevron-Feather stitch
Yarn: Cascade Superwash Sassy Stripes fingering weight in colorway 707 (I like to call it "Juicy Fruit")
Needles: Clover Takumi Bamboo US 0s (2mm) dpns
Started: June 9, 2007
Finished: July 7, 2007
Notes: I made up this pattern, finding my own feather-and-fan Chevron stitch online and using it in a pair of top-down socks. Then, I realized I was knitting Jaywalkers. With a little more lace. These were so easy, but I am thrilled to be done with working on needles the size of matchsticks.

I also found time today (amid my busy schedule of This American Life listening and air conditioning absorbing) to bake brownies! We got a big bunch of mint on my birthday from my friend's organic farm, and I turned it into brownies! With the help of some flour, sugar, baking chocolate, and magic, of course.

I also found time to cast on a cupcake for a dear friend's birthday.


Julia said...

I have no patience for socks...but they look so adorable! That's funny that we both thought of Kristen when we made the Caliometry.

We don't have a place yet, we're staying with friends until we find a place. Have fun in Portland, I totally want to visit!!

Joanne said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous - and before I got to your note on the matching stripes - I had already been blown away by the stripes!