Sunday, May 27, 2007

Working Girl

Unlike everyone else in the world, I am working this weekend. It's ok, though, because I haven't worked since April! Also, the job entials sitting at a desk, in the upstairs gallery of an art shop, waiting for the (very few) customers to come in. I don't know much about art, so it's good that the customers are few and far between.

This also means I get to work on my knitting! I worked the entire foot and turned the heel of the second Anastasia sock yesterday- a very productive day! Today, however, I brought my laptop in and discovered a wireless connection! There will surely be much less knitting accomplished today. (The artist-in-residence who has her studio next to the gallery keeps checking in on me to see what my progress has been. It's very flattering to have a sincerely talented artist be amazed at my li'l ol' socks...)

When I started the left sock, all the k2tog of the right sock became ssk, so that the spirals slant left instead of right. I started happily along (while watching North by Northwest with Mike's Mom!)... and got about an inch or so into the pattern when I noticed that the spirals looked awfully bad, compared to the right sock. I got out my computer and looked up how exactly one is supposed to ssk.

Turns out, there's a bit of a controversy. What I had been doing (slip one, knit the next and pass the slipped stitch over) is not in fact ssk! The ssk definitions I found were something to the effect of knit two together through the back of the stitch. Knitty says to slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together.

What does anyone else do for SSK? I like the way knitting 2 together through the back of the stitch looks, although it's a lot bumpier than the k2tog sock.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Sock with a View

Finally, some knitting! And not only knitting, but a finished sock! And what a gorgeous place to knit, eh?

We've made it home and are recuperating & relaxing at Mike's mom's house, where we will live until we move to Law School City.

Check me out, spinning! The yarn I made is pretty crazy and lumpy, and not in that hip "novelty yarn" style, but more in that "I don't know what the heck I'm doing" style. It made about 1 yard of two-ply undyed merino wool. Maybe I'll knit up a swatch and hang it on the wall. Or perhaps a potholder.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Homeward Bound, wish I was...

**UPDATED to include the correct link to Renee Weaves!**

We're not home yet, but taking a few days' rest in the Pacific Northwest. It's been really lovely.

As I said at the beginning of this trip, I am not a car-knitter. I don't get carsick, but I get distracted by the view out the window and can't concentrate on what my fingers are doing. So, I didn't get much knitting done. Until... we got to Mike's aunt and uncle's house outside of Seattle. Not only were we pausing for the weekend (and thus not spending 10 hours in the car!), but his aunt spins and dyes her own yarns (and makes her own natural dyes!), AND has not one but two looms in the house. And she taught me how to spin. We had a lovely morning of listening to the rain outside, spinning and knitting together. She doesn't knit and was very kindly impressed with my Anastasias, while I was so truly impressed with all her gorgeous fabrics, bags, tapestries, and skeins of hand dyed and spun yarn.

She also has a blog! Renee Weaves! She's currently working on a project (with a grant!) on making her own natural dyes, and the blog is following that process.

And, since I don't have a picture of me spinning yet, I'll direct you to her site to check me out in action!

I did get progress made, and am now ready to cast off the first Anastasia. However, I did not prepare for an extended vacation and need a tapestry needle. So I'm stuck for the last two days of our trip without any knitting to do. But just you wait, soon I'll have a finished sock to show you! And maybe some pictures of our trip.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

One more post before I go...

An Unbiased Bag for my mom, filled with pictures of me, my brother, and Mike in Yosemite.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Take Me Home Country Roads

Not only am I currently listening to this song, but it is also apropos to what I need to tell you.

While we were on the East Coast, Mike bought a car. It was sort of spur of the moment and sort of well planned out, and now we are driving the car across the country. Except for Vermont, I don't know of any state that provides Wifi at its rest areas (ILOVERMONT), so I will most likely not be blogging for the next 10-15 days. I will, however, be in a car for up to 12 hours a day, with two sets of needles, one half-finished sock, and my stash. Mike also suggested we buy me some new needles and yarn so I can have projects for in the car! What a great guy.

Hopefully when we get home, 1) we will still be talking to each other and 2) I will have many many FOs to show you!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Stash!

I am at my mother's house, for a few reasons, one of which is to finish going through all my things and bring the final loads of things out West with me.

One of the things I found was... my stash! It was largely inherited from a friend of my mom's who lived near my college. Most of the yarn is less than a skein, unlabelled. There are some yarns I have bought and some that are in half-finished sweaters (also inherited). As you can see, I had been keeping my stash, as it is, in some fairly unfriendly conditions. An old comforter bag, among others. It was not a pretty sight.

I packed it all into a box, to be shipped across the country when we finally have a house, and all that was left were a few strands of mismatched yarn, tangled up in a knot. I did not keep these.

And in just a few short weeks, I will have my complete stash with me- finally! Whew.

In better news, I'm getting ready to turn the heel on the Anastasia socks. I love them so far. And I might have finally mastered the art of knitting with very small yarn and very small needles.