Friday, July 20, 2007

Busy day!

Today was such a great and busy day. We started off going out to pick up some furniture, and on our way out the door, she off handedly asked if we wanted anything else... trash cans, yarn, board games... We halted in our tracks and turned around. Of course I want yarn! What I got follows: the red is soft and fluffy boucle, and the other three are worsted weight with sparkles and fluff- stuff I'd never choose! But I'm having visions of a shell tank for my mom...

So, the yarn went from this... a big tangled mess on my kitchen table....To this! Nicely tamed and waiting patiently in a ball to be weighed, bagged, and stashed in the Stash Chest with his fibery brethren.
Next up was baking! I started off with some pitas. While they were rising I made some hummus. While they were in the oven, I pulled up a stool and pressed my face up against the glass watching them puff up.
And finally, Anadama bread. The loaves didn't rise very much, but they're quite cute and smell delicious. (Anadama is molasses & cornmeal based.)

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Joanne said...

Hi there my dearest daughter -- looks like a great bunch of yarn. Neat to have the Cedar Chest made by Great Grandpa "Poppy". I wish I'd had a knitting group to have fun with back in my earlier days! MArta and I knitted together - but that was before we went off to college. After that it was knitting or sewing or crocheting all by myself. Have fun!