Sunday, July 15, 2007


Sorry for the break in posts. I moved to Oregon!

I knit a bunch in the car on the way up here (13 hours!!!)- but haven't taken any pictures. It's the Swell hat from Knitty. I'm doing it topdown, so it wouldn't take a nice photo, anyway.

I know what you're thinking- a hat? Out of wool?! In July?! You're crazy.

But, this is what Mike requested, and I know I won't have time to knit once school starts (in six weeks! Yikes).

I did do something cute and crafty lately- I made curtains! I got the fabric back in Berkeley, planning on making pajama pants out of it. But it is just perfect in the kitchen. It's on two windows, on opposite ends of the kitchen. We have neighbors on those sides, and on the other wall there are two windows, overlooking the highway. We won't put curtains on those, since they let in all the light! It's a wonderful kitchen, and we're very pleased with it (and the apartment as a whole!). We were prepared to use a very funky and old electric stove with a strange griddle on one side instead of burners, but when we moved in, it had been replaced with a brand new electric stove! We are a little disappointed at it being electric, but the house isn't wired for gas, and we can certainly deal with only having one utility to pay for.

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Lena said...

Yay! It's official--another MHCer has moved to the most fabulous city in the world! Welcome to Portland!