Sunday, July 1, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday?

It's mine! Well, yesterday. I'm now solidly into my twenties, at the grand old age of 24.

We went to the beach, north of Bodega Bay. There was much kite flying, grilling of fish and fresh organic veggies, and playing of Mancala. No photos, because we forgot our camera. No photos of our trip to Portland or through Redwoods National Park, either. Sorry.

But you don't care about any of that anyways, do you? Let's get to the knitting.

First presents!

From Mike's mom, a copy of Law School Confidential, the crucial book for 1L law students, I'm told. A rolling pizza cutter, to supplement the pizza stones I got for Christmas (I say stones, plural, because both Mike's mom and his dad got me pizza stones! I also have one of those long, rocking pizza cutters. Good thing I love to make pizza!)

And, some amazing knitting ribbon, that I have been lusting after since seeing it on someone else's blog. Those are the only visual presents, as my own mom is buying me health insurance until I get into school (thanks Mom!) and that is just not very photogenic.

Ok, now we can talk about knitting.

One sock, two socks.

Old sock, new sock.
Big sock, little sock.

I've gotten quite far on the second Chevron Sock. I think the reason I'm not a car knitter is due to the poor shocks on Mike's truck. In the giant van with the smooth ride, I knit almost a whole sock! In the truck, I can hardly knit two rows. At least on US 0s. I started the short row heel and the bumps just got too much.

So, I cast on something new! I recently found out that an old friend of mine both got married and had a baby in the past week or so. (She lives in Germany and I haven't seen her - or talked to her, for that matter - in about four years, so that explains how the baby could be a surprise). I got her address and am going to make her some baby booties. Also, probably this hat (Deb- no cheating!) I said I wanted to make one for the next person I know to have a baby, and Deb is the winner!

The booties are a pattern I found on Ravelry- a seamless bootie knit in the round. The pattern calls for a ribbon or i-cord to go through the eyelets at the ankle. Some sort of tie is probably necessary to hold the booties onto a squirmy baby's feet, so I'll probably go with an i-cord. After US 0s for so long, these booties on US 2s are a breeze! I can't wait to get to something on needles that are bigger than toothpicks! I think the only thing holding me back at this point is money. I just can't afford yarn.

What I can afford is flour. And I can turn that into delicious shortcakes (my grandmother's recipe). These will probably be dinner tonight, supplementing an entire flat of organic strawberries from County Line Harvest in Petaluma, CA, where a friend is working. She also gave us a few bunches of basil, mint, and thyme, so maybe these shortcakes will accompany some sort of pasta-pesto dish.

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Renee said...

Goodness you two have been busy going all over the place. I didn't know you like to make pizza. I make pizza about once a week or so and, in fact, made it tonight. I like to make a basil pesto to put on instead of tomato sauce.
The socks are looking good. I have knitted a few baby booties myself when I was about your age. Happy Birthday to you as well! -Renee