Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Settling In

After almost a week in my new home, things are looking good. We're (slowly) acquiring furniture, and exploring our neighborhood and city. Mostly, though, we're searching craig'slist for furniture and jobs. So, there's a lot of time for knitting and playing games, two things I love.

Progress has been made on Lelah, and I love it. I realized I didn't have to wait to cast on until I had the size 4 circs, because I don't need them until I get to the bodice. This you see here is three pattern repeats, and I'm almost finished with the first ball of yarn- it's probably about 2-3" long so far. I hope five skeins is enough! I don't have a very long torso, so here's hoping.

I love the way the green yarn looks against the color of our new futon. It's a really beautiful maroon thin-wale corduroy. I found it on craig'slist this morning for free, so we rushed out to pick it up. The ad said "futon bed" and I didn't stop to think they probably really meant it was a bed and not a couch. Why anyone would willingly sleep on a hard, lumpy futon is beyond me, but we got it anyway. Who says no to a free futon? But, really what we need is a couch, so we're going to try to get rid of (sell? barter?) the bed-frame part and get an actual futon couch frame.

In addition to craig'slist, I've been using, but haven't actually gotten anything from it yet. I tried to post some things we were looking for, at the end of my email noting that we have some things we'd be willing to trade. I got summarily reprimanded by the moderator, because I'd violated rule numero uno about Freecycle. If I offer to barter or trade, no one is giving anything for free and that's bad. I was also told that, as a show of good faith, I should offer something before asking for something. The funny thing about moving 800 miles (and being a poor almost-student!) is that I don't have much extra just lying around.

In any case, Law School City is great. Our kitchen faces east, and the sunset clouds get reflected nicely in the building across the highway from us. It's quite lovely.

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Joanne said...

Beautiful Green - and great reflection of the sunset. Your new digs are not too shabby! Congratulations.