Friday, July 20, 2007

Group Knitting

Last night I went to my first ever knitting meet up. It was at a great LYS- I didn't get a chance to look around the store much, but the sheer quantity of yarn was excellent. About 20 people showed up, and as far as I could tell they all knittogether a lot. Everyone was chatty and very familiar with each other. There was free champagne, which was an excellent bonus. (I didn't bring my camera- the photo is from thier website.)

I got a repeat and a half done on Lelah, and finished the first ball of yarn. I only got 3.25" out of it, so it's going to be very close. Five balls of yarn gets me 16.25", which goes from my hips to my shoulder, so I'm crossing my fingers I'll have enough. I'm toying with ideas about adding in a stripe of white cotton (from my stash) at the eyelet rounds, then using a green ribbon.

Speaking of my stash, I organized it the other day. I took all the random balls out of the box and shopping bag we moved them in, put them in labeled ziploc bags, and then into this beautiful cedar chest my great-grandfather made for me when I was born. I even weighed them all, so know how much I have, since none of them have bands anymore (i inherited most of the stash in college). It's a lot of acrylic, so I'm thinking more and moreof learning crochet so I can make a ripple afghan.

And, baby Faust's booties arrived and he is a studly stud, sporting them all over Germany!

You can tell in the picture that my grafting at the bottom of the foot left a bit of a ridge, but luckily he won't be walking until he grows out of these!

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Lena said...

What an adorable baby! Also, I haven't yet been to the group knit night at that LYS (I recognized the picture), but now that I know someone who goes, I might be more motivated to check it out!