Monday, February 5, 2007

A Wonderful Day

Several amazing things happened today:

1. I woke up with a wonderful man
2. I got the yarn for my button-sweater after all (see post below)
3. At work, a wonderful customer gave me a rose for no reason! (Not a creepy man, but a sweet, lovely British woman, a professor at Mills)
4. I decorated cupcakes
5. I was accepted to Lewis & Clark University Law School
5a. They gave me a $16,000 annual Public Interest Scholarship, narrowly beating out the $15,000 merit scholarship I was given by Vermont Law!
5b. They also offered me a $500 travel reimbursement so I can afford to visit them
6. I bought plane tickets for Mike and I to travel to the East Coast to visit VT Law (as well as Philadelphia, my friends still in college, my mother's house, and friends in Boston)


trailerforsale2007 said...

I'm number one!

Julia said...

East coast?! Yay. When will you be in the area? I want to visit!!