Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rules for my blog. (And a near-FO)

Strawberry Shortcake and I read our fair share of blogs. And there are some things we just don't get. The "meme" is one of them. And the use of the word "teh". Is it "the" purposefully mis-typed? And why is it always used improperly (as in, something was "teh awesome")?

Because we don't understand these blog conundrums, I hereby promise:

1. Never to post, discuss, or in anyway acknowledge the existence of, memes. I doubt any of you actually care what the last thin I ate was, or when I last cried. Plus, everyone who reads this knows me and doesn't need to know supposedly "secret" stuff about me.
2. Never to purposefully mis-type or mis-use the word "the". I can't promise no typos (I consistently type "copmuter" and "Elixabeth"), but purposeful grammatical errors? Never.

(Oh, and by the way- the mittens are done! I just have to find that darned crochet hook and fix those ends)

Here they are blocking... And, a note about blocking. I've never blocked anything. Not a sweater, not a mitten, not a scarf. I read a post extoling the virtues of blocking (albeit, she was discussing lace), and decided to go ahead and block these mittens, since they were a bit small. I don't really think it did anything. The cuffs are a bit bigger, I think, but that's it... hopefully they'll stretch with wear I guess. (And I'm still not sold on the wonders of blocking)

The front!

The back! (Or is this the front? Who knows, with mittens.) Note: The pattern gives instructions for putting the year "2006" at the fingertips. Since a) it's now 2007 and b) that's pretty lame, I decided (inspired by the mittens Dogged Knits) to use the year SS was born. Plus, aren't orange and brown perfect early 80s colors?

And so ends my very first commissioned piece, and first foray into color-work. It wasn't so hard, but now I want to learn continental, so I can hold one color yarn in each hand.

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