Sunday, February 25, 2007


Yesterday was (almost) the perfect day.

We started with German pancakes for brunch- a wonderful breakfast my mom used to make on Saturdays or some Sundays before church. My best friend from high school is the only other person I've ever heard of who makes panckaes like these. They're a little like popovers, baked in the oven so they get nice a pouffy, and served with lemon butter and powdered sugar. Mmm-mmm, perfection.

After breakfast, I started knitting on the Buttony-sweater with the not-quite-matching new yarn, on the advice of my (color-blind) friend that the two colors looked the same! However, this was not the case. This necessitated a trip to Emeryville (aka the town that is actually a mall built on a landfill), which is never fun. I spent a long time looking at the yarns and finally settled on a lovely maroon color. I also bought yarn to start the long socks for Mike and I. I think both choices will turn out just wonderfully.

The red-tweed is for me and the brown/blue variegated is for Mike.

Then it rained, and we got a surprise visit from friends from the North Bay! They brought pastries and a bottle of wine the got for free off Craig's List (they actually got a whole case for free, but only brought one bottle).

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sappmama said...


Thank you for commenting on my blog.

I haven't had the chance to go inside Artfibers, as I was there on a Sunday and they weren't open all day. I got to go to ImaginKnit, which was fantastic.

Next time I'll hit Artfibers first. I imagine it must've made a fine haven from that temp job. :)

And, okay, I have never seen pancakes like that. They look scrumptious!