Saturday, February 10, 2007

Socks and Mittens

I promise that I will work on the second squirrel mitten. I promise that I will work on the second squirrel mitten. I promise that I will work on the second squirrel mitten.

I seem to have lost knitting steam. I made five cupcakes- enough for Valentine's Day, I hope. I've already given one (another white one) to a friend for her birthday. She loved it so much that she just kept squeezing it the whole time we were eating dinner. It was a wonderful response. Another, I made into a pincushion. This one lives with a jar I got for SS for Christmas, and her cyborg ponies. (Notice that one is a unicorn).

The other three live in a pyramid, courtesy of LP. I think that these will be enough for the friends a) who I will see on Valentine's Day and b) who will appreciate them.

So, I can stop knitting cupcakes. For now anyway. I still have tons of crazy sparkly pink yarn and fiberfill, and who knows what else I can do with that! (Maybe some crazy stuffed animals are in my future...)

Also, I never thought I would ever want to knit socks. But then I just thought about them and thought about them.... and I want to make me some socks!

Mike likes the long socks, so maybe we'll go yarn shopping soon and those will be a Valentine for him. That he'll get in say, June, when I finish them! Also, I love that it's a vintage pattern, and it says "Men in the forces prefer extra long socks, which dispense of knee caps" as an added incentive to make them!

I also like these ones, because the pattern says that they are easy, beginner socks, and I have never made socks! Plus, the design isn't that ugly. I would definitely choose a different color though.

But for now, I will make use of these rainy days and watch movies and finish the mittens I started for SS at Christmastime. We have some great movies in the house right now- The Way We Were, Fraggle Rock : The Beginning, Kiko's Delivery Service (Miyazaki- so great!), as well as An Inconvenient Truth and many teen-dramas for LP & SS.

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