Thursday, February 22, 2007


Sorry about the lack of posts this last week. Luckily, out of most of the people who read this, I either live with them or went to visit them this last week, so no one should abandon me for this blog-neglect.

I went to eastern CA to visit Mike's parents for a 50th birthday luau and our 1-year anniversary dinner. Both were a lot of fun- the luau was my second ever pig roast, and it was quite an event! The anniversary dinner was fun- it fell on Mardi Gras, so we (unexpectedly) got a special creole menu at the restaurant we went to. It was good, but who ever heard of a duck and sausage jumbalaya? At least the rice was good and the chocolate dessert wine was fantastic.

Even with all the driving and down time I knew would happen, I didn't take any knitting with me! I'm sort of between projects, taking a rest from cupcakes and waiting for the rest of the yarn from Ebay to arrive for my Buttony Sweater. So, I'll end with a picture of Strawberry Shortcakes beautiful shawland promise some of my own knitting for next time!

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