Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow?! WTF, mate?

Apparently, it snowed / hailed/ sleeted just about every day in Portland last week.

It snowed / hailed yesterday and today as well. There was even accumulation (a dusting, as they say). WTF, Portland? I'm ready for magnolia blossoms, sun, flip flops, daffodils, leaves, and sunglasses. And more than ready to put away the socks & fleece jacket!

Let's revisit spring break, for some sunny goodness.

PS- If anyone reading this is thinking about moving to Portland, but scared to because it might not be as sunny and wonderful as California, please pretend you didn't read this, and continue wanting to move to Portland.


Liz said...

thanks honey, i'll take note.

Julia said...

I want to move to Portland! If you know anyone at the Oregonian who could get Craig a job, we'd be there in a heartbeat.