Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dirty Pretty Things.

Guess which is which.Pretty tulips and sun.

Dirty ends. All of them. This sweater looks like a fringe coat. Ugh!

Pretty no-knead bread! (But not the 24-hour one)

Pretty new skis and a view of Mt Hood. (This isn't the best picture- the skis fell over right after I took it- augh!- but I like how it shows how clear the day was!)


Joanne said...

Pretty symmetry: the skis with red upper portions and the poles with red tops also - then the beautiful MT Hood in the background. Not sure what is dirty about the tails of yarn in the picture. You do great food shoots - a side job as food photographer?

Laura said...

everything looks pretty well labeled. where is the guess work?

- Emily and Laura