Friday, March 14, 2008

No Country for Old Sweaters

I sewed on the sleeves last night while watching "No Country for Old Men." That's a crazy movie. This morning, I finished sewing allllll the ends.

I spray blocked it and it is now pinned out (just the body) and drying on my desk.

We're going to a viewing of a house today - thinking about going in with a friend of ours on a large house for an investment / communal living. It seems a little surreal to be considering this while in the middle of grad school, but everyone else thinks it's a great idea. Also, it's a beautiful house, in our neighborhood, and it'd be so much fun to do.

This afternoon, I plan to head to the button store to finish off the cardigan.


Damaris said...

love the sweater. I haven't forgotten about you and the key situation. I'll e-mail you tomorrow.

Renee said...

Hi Elizabeth, I am getting off my hands and knees for a moment in the midst of tiling the mudroom floor to catch up on what is going on with family out there. I am keeping my mouth shut about house ownership and all since at the moment being covered in mortar and grout is unglamorous. We are cheering you two on. Your sweater looks lovely. My mouth was watering over the good wholesome food. I came across the Vegan cupcake book recently and thought of you. Take care, Love to you and Mike. -Renee