Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sweater Update

... aaaand we're blocking! Finally!

We cleaned up all our crap from Christmas and vacation, vacuumed, and I finally had a surface on which to block the Tree Jacket. I laid it out on the table and sprayed it with the spray bottle we use to punish the cat- she was staring at the sweater, wondering what it had done that was so terrible to deserve such a spraying! I didn't want to soak it, because things take FOREVER to dry here.

I'm trying to straighten out the lace on the collar, but I don't care too much if it stays twisted. I'm lengthening the body a little, and just trying to even out stitches.

Once it dries, I'll sew up the sleeves and have it finished for my first class on Monday!


Ink and Indigo said...

Cute, and a great colour. There's nothing better than starting a new term with new clothes.

Damaris said...

Liz I love you and miss you. I love that you knit! can i put in an order for some knit food items to decorate my kitchen? lets talk on the phone. I'll e-mail you my number.

jenne & george said...

You're a knitting machine!