Friday, January 25, 2008


What a week! Even with the day off, resulting in just three days of classes, this week was terribly long, and I spent most of it seriously considering dropping out of school. I think the worst of the second-semester slump has passed, though, and I'll be sticking with it, and not being so grumpy about it.

One strange feature of the week were all the sports I watched! There were the two football games on Sunday, which I watched at a friends house, with lots of junk food and champagne. I worked on the Endpaper Mitts there, and got about 4" knit before the food, football, and drinking kicked in to end the knitting.
Wednesday we went to see The Decemberists play. This doesn't count as sport, but it was an event on a schoolnight, and the one that may have dragged me out of my funk. It was a fantastic show. They're my favorite band, and Portland is their hometown, and it was just all around fantastic.

Then last night I went to see the Portland Lumberjax play. Who knew there was a professional lacrosse league in the US? The game went into overtime, 11-11, and the sudden death finish was very exciting, as everyone in the crowd would have gotten free donuts at Krispy Kreme if the Jax had scored 12 goals! Unfortunately, the Colorado Mammoth scored first and everyone went home sans donuts and a little dejected.

Some other exciting things about the evening though: we got in for free (a woman who worked at the Rose Garden approached us with her extra comped tickets, for the swanky Club Level!), and we sat next to this guy:
Lumberjax superfan!!
He gave us all high-fives every time the Jax scored.

Mike's out of town for the weekend, and I have big plans to sit on the couch and knit! Goal: finish the Endpaper Mitts by Sunday.

I also have a telephone job interview this afternoon with an affordable housing advocacy group in Oakland, for a summer clerkship. Fingers crossed!


Liz said...

i'll be thinking of you and sending you good interview vibes all day. this is the one! this job needs you!

Joanne said...

I am sure Liz would very much enjoy having Elizabeth in Oakland next summer ... Mom, of course, is voting for the Vermont possibility (but want you to be at the spot that is best for you!)