Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I was trolling Craig's List last night, minding my own business, and happened on a post advertising "Linen & Handspun Wool Yarn to Knit, Crochet & Weave - $8." I emailed the woman, and stopped by tonight to check out what she had. What she had was a trunk full of single ply wool and various and sundry cones of linen, tweeds, and a lot of unidentifiable stuff. She was selling it all for $8 / lb. I walked out of there with 5 8-oz. skeins of single ply wool that smells and feels like sheep. Yummy! And who could resist a cone of lace-weight mohair?! No one with a knitting soul.

The haul.
Gratuitous close up.

After weighing it all up, the total cost was $25. $25!!! Perfect for a poor little student. I'll use the wool for some sort of chunky, lovely sweater- and if I need more, the woman told me just to send her an email and swing by for more!

The mohair will be for socks, most likely held double. I plan to try my hand at dying with this as well. Mike has requested more socks, and with this much yarn, I could knit socks for the whole family, the kitten included!

I also baked last night. Delicious Chocolate Chocolate (er- Carob) Chip cookies, from The Post Punk Kitchen (that taste exactly like Nabolom Vegan Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies). Have I told you about these? They're yummy, easy, delicious, and good for you. I think the flax seeds definitely cancel out the canola oil and sugar. Definitely.

I also finished and blocked the Endpaper Mitts. FO post when the sun comes out and I'm home during the day! Perhaps tomorrow will be the day, if it snows like they're predicting.

We had a two hour delay on Monday, due to snow. Half the public schools in Portland were outright canceled. There was literally less than 1/2 an inch on the ground. These west coast folks are snow wimps. Back where I come from, we drove ourselves to school in 5' snowdrifts, uphill both ways, no snow tires, and no chains. Ok, just kidding. But we certainly don't cancel school for a dusting of snow.

PS- I changed the comments so you can post a comment anonymously, meaning you don't have to have a blog or an account to comment. I'll be moderating the comments though, so you might have to wait a bit for your comment to show up. Maybe this will bring some of these mysterious readers my mom tells me about out of the woodwork.


alligator said...

Lucky you, what a deal!!! The yarn looks delicious in the close-up.
I've never heard of using straight-up mohair for socks (I know of one sock yarn that is 15% mohair but that's it), will it make them more durable? I always thought mohair was itchy but maybe it is just the Lamb's Pride?

Ink and Indigo said...

Bargain! Can't wait to see your dying endeavours.

Damaris said...

Those cookies look so dang good. can you please post or send me a recipe???

Lena said...

Whoa! Sweet deal! Will you email me this woman's contact info? I'd love to get my hands on some affordable wool for projects in my classroom!

Anonymous said...

liz-o! it's jesspaga! i've been not-so-secretly stalking you via this blog for a little while now. your pics are so beautiful and i love the food! i think i'm going to try the no-knead bread soon; i started salivating as soon as i saw the pic.

so good to hear that law school hasn't killed you yet!

needleful said...

Hi! I am one of those readers your Mom told you about. I really do enjoy reading about your knitting adventures. You have inspired me to really get interested in my knitting again. I have turned out quite a few things. I am on ralvery, code name, needleful. Would you describe the burn test for me as regards acrylic? Thanks. So long for now...