Sunday, March 25, 2007

Home again, home again.

I'm back, for just a few days, and my trip has proved two things.

1. I am not going to the University of Oregon. It just didn't wow me. Also, they gave me the least in scholarships. Also, I would have to buy a new computer, which sucks because I like mine and I just bought it last November! However, Lewis & Clark was just lovely, as was Portland. Laid back, chill, academic and intellectual, and beautiful (the school is on the edge of a large state park).

2. I did not knit as much in the car as I thought I would. Despite being in the car for 1,278 miles, and only driving less than half of the time, I only reknit the toe of Mike's Long Sock. The first attempt was ugly and far too large. I still think that the way I knit it is ugly, but I followed the directions. Here it is modelled on my hand (Mike's foot was out getting groceries at the time of posting). Perhaps I will take out where I psuedo-grafted the ends and try to redo that again. The toe is just so... square. I might go check out some other sock patterns to get some alternative ideas on toe-shaping. But I welcome anyone's suggestions!

I hope to knit more on the various planes and trains we will be taking this weekend and next week as we dash all over New England and Colorado. The second of the Long Socks, and my mother has requested an Unbiased bag of her own for Mother's Day, and then there's my knee-highs I've been planning.

I managed to visit only one yarn shop, in Eugene, which was quite lovely. I didn't buy anything, because I generally buy only for projects (and even with that, I run out of yarn all the time!). I wonder how Portland is as a knitter's-city. It seems hip and funky enough to have some excellent LYSes. Or Boulder, for that matter. This might end up being the deciding factor in where I attend law school. (The yarn shops and you know, where Mike wants to live).

Here, though, is the lone picture we took on our vacation. I'm very surprised we only took this one picture, of a truck on the I-5 through the mountains in northern CA, because we usually take 100's of pictures wherever we go. I don't know what it means, but I'll be heading over to the truck's advertized websites shortly.

(Saturday is the Lord's Day, Sunday is the Pope's Day).

This makes a little more sense now, as we listened to The DaVinci Code on CD as we drove to and from Oregon.

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