Saturday, April 7, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head.

We're moving to Rainy Oregon, and I'm going to law school there.

It was a tough decision, and there were some tears shed (in a cold, rainy parking lot in Boulder), but we are happy with the decision. We might be there as early as the end of next month!

The modified Clessidra socks are coming along- except I have great difficulty counting. And remembering what row I was on when I stopped. If I were just doing the hourglass cable, I'd be fine (ish), but with the 12-round hourglass cable and the 4-round simple cables, it's a little much for my non-math oriented brain.

Also, it's the most enormous sock I've ever seen, second only to the Long Sock). It's so wide, and since I don't exercize, my calves just aren't that big! However, I've tried them on and they seem to fit just right. Hopefully they won't stretch after wear, or fall down during wear. Slouch socks are only so hip.

I only have this picture of me working on the plane, 1) because it's dark and pictures come out poorly in the dark. 2) Because I messed up in several places and am a little embarassed that I didn't rip out. 3) Because I might frog the entire thing and just make plain old ribbed woll socks, since my trusty ol' ragland pair just sprouted two holes. And 4) To prove I did some knitting on my trip! (A lot of planes, trains, automobiles, and a bus to get us from CA - Philly- Massachusetts - NH - VT - MA - Colorado - CA in just 9 days... only plane and train knitting happened though.)

Also, while I was knitting on the train, and watching this amazing sunset over Brooklyn, a woman across the aisle from me whipped out her knitting. It was wonderful. The red Clessidra for me, and what looked like a cotton sweater in a delicious orange for her. No pictures, because I'm not the Subway Knitter, and I feel self-conscious taking pictures of strangers. I wanted to bust out my knitting when I was on the T in Boston, just in the hopes of being spotted, but I was too tired, and we only rode for a few stops.

SS asked for an Easter bonnet, but I made her one of these. I'm trying to use up some of the fluffy pink yarn I got for the cupcakes. She hasn't seen it yet, but it has made friends with her bedmate, Puppy.


Claudia said...

1. That knitted peep is adorable!
2. I know what frogging is! I'm so proud.
3. I am so happy about your future law school-ness!

Liz said...

Puppy told me that he loves his new friend Ducky.