Monday, March 12, 2007

The best part was the baby lambs!

Two things, one happy and one sad.

1. I bid on some recycled sari silk yarn on eBay and I won! I just put in one bid and went to work, came home, and I had won! I sent off the check and the yarn should be arriving any day now, and I can cast on for the delicious little Unbiased.

2. One of my brand new, supposedly wonderful Brittany needles broke as I was knitting the foot of my sock. This is very sad indeed and I have to go buy new needles tomorrow.

I worked on the Long Sock all day today, at a nine-hour retreat for work. I had a lot of trouble counting stitches and also paying attention to the meeting, so got the entire heel turned and realized I had done it with the wrong number of stitches. So I ripped it all out, and knit it again. This time, I realized I had done it on the wrong needles (ie: on the front of the sock instead of the back, where the heel goes... yes, it does make a difference). So I had to rip it all out and start again on the heel. I had just finished it and was beginning to work on the decreases for the body of the foot, when I made the silly decision to try on my half-finished sock. This is when the supposedly very sturdy and wonderful white birch needle broke.

However, these hardships were overshadowed by the beauty of where we held our nine-hour meeting.

Behold, Slide Ranch.

(This is where the baby lambs were.)

(Also, I did not take this picture. I found it with Google. Thanks, Google.)

(Also, I would like to note that it is not yet the middle of March and I spent the day outside, barefoot, in a tank top, and I got sunburnt.)


jenne said...

i discovered today that i'm lost one of my double pointed needles somewhere so i have an incomplete set, and i was thinking to myself, "wouldn't it be great if there was a place where you could buy just one needle?" i think this applies to your day too.

Whitney said...

Just so you know, Brittany will replace your broken needles for free! If you find their website, somewhere on there is a email address for them...Actually, I think I have it somewhere if you want it. Shipping takes a little while because I think they're in the UK or elsewhere overseas, but last time when I broke one needle they sent 3 replacements.

Elizabeth said...

I did contact Brittany and they are sending me new needles! But, they were sure to mention that it broke because I was probably using it to vigourously.