Tuesday, March 20, 2007

FO: Unbiased Bag!

This little bag just flew right along! I love it. It fits my wallet perfectly, and I don't have a fun, small purse. And now, here, the perfect sixed bag for going out (on those rare occassions that I do that sort of thing). So, some pictures and a rehashing of the process. First, a bag-in-action shot (yes, I'm in my pajamas. This is just the sort of bag that I would grab if I were in my PJs and needed to go out to the store for something. That is most likely the type of "going out" this bag will be used for.)

Now, pictures of each side. SS and I both like the side with more green in it better. (The second picture)

The recap:
Pattern: Unbiased Bag from Knitty, Fall 04.
Yarn: 2 skeins of recycled sari silk from Nepal
Needles: 4mm aluminum needles
Notes, modifications: Instead of making each section 7.5 inches across as the pattern suggests, I did each only about 4" across, resulting in a small purse rather than a large tote. I much prefer this size, as the yarn is pretty soft and the fabric with the smaller needles is very pliable. Any larger and this bag would have absolutely no structure of its own. The yarn was a dream to work with, until the end of the first skein. I think the problem was two-fold. 1) The end was spun too tightly, resulting in a very stiff, scratchy fabric. 2) The color distribution was all wrong. So, I started using another skein and had to unwind the yarn a bit as I went, to ease up the tightness. I'm pretty satisfied with the results. The yarn is still really beautiful, and I will definitely be using my leftover skein for something else. Or maybe selling it to SS so she can make herself a beautiful bag!

Oh, and by the way, in real world news... I got a full tuition scholarship to the University that Mike wants to go to, in the town I want to move to. Best. News. Ever. Graduating law school with practically no debt? I'll take two.

Blogging will be slow for the next two weeks, as tomorrow we embark on the first of two whirlwind trips to look at law schools. This weekend: Oregon, next week: Vermont & Colorado.


Julia said...

Congrats on the beautiful bag and the grad school, which one is it? When will you be in Vermont, I may be able to get to Maine around then, maybe we can see each other?

Joanne said...

That is a beautiful bag: any chance you would make your mom one??? (mother's day is around the corner)(could be another color scheme - but I like that one)

After having debt from undergrad and more debt from Med School - go for the school that does the scholarship. It doesn't get much better with that being where Mike is likely to prefer also.

I could get used to visiting the Denver area! I looked at one practice there years ago.


lupinbunny said...

blaaaaah! you don't want to go to law school at all. speaking as someone who spent last night actually literally crying over her inability to draft a Statement of Claim, and is now slowly, slowly sinking in environmental protection regulatory schemes... don't do it! honestly, save yourself.

lupinbunny said...

sorry! didn't mean to be so non-encouraging.... and bear in mind i'm in a completely different country (though also a federalism, based on the english common law system). it's just, well, it is a pretty hardcore degree.
dry is... yeah. lots of dry. that doesn't bother me too much. i'm a detail-oriented person. dry is my speciality. my problem more is that i have NOOOOOO interest in commerce or litigation (the actual going to court bit), and some of my compulsory units are very oriented towards the commercial lawyer. and little ol' me is sitting there going 'liquidated debt? action for accrual of interest? whaaaaa?!'

i'm pretty jealous about the scholarship! there seem to be so many in the USA! the largest scholarship available that is specific to the law school is the grand sum of $6000 for a year (one year. total). there's a few general scholarships for financially disadvantaged students too, of about the same size.

there seem to be a few of us blogging, knitting, wannabe lawyers about, no?

am i more encouraging now? :)

lovetoknit said...

Hi Liz, I work with you Mom in Keene. I enjoy your blog, and you have inspired me to pick up my knitting and create new things. I even bought the book Last minute Knitted Gifts. I will contine to read. Thanks Lovetoknit