Saturday, August 4, 2007

Rain Drops Keep Fallin On My Head

In a record 3 days, I started and finished a sock! I'm quite proud of this, especially since a good friend was in town for the past few days, and we spent much of our time drinking delicious local beers and making delicious, elaborate feasts. There was Moose Drool, two pizzas, a large skilletful of egg scramble, and an immense pot of deliciously creamy and cheesy macaroni and cheese.

However, amidst all this gluttony, there was also the playing of board games. I like to knit while playing Scrabble, because otherwise I get sleepy and bored while it's not my turn. Not playing against Mike was helpful, and I finally was able to win (he usually beats the pants off me)! I also played a Bingo (all 7 letters) for the first time in a long while (again, usually the provenance of Mike). I'm so proud of this, the only photo from my friend's visit is of our Scrabble board.

We're going to a law school summer orientation activity today- a trip to a local farm for u-pick produce! Including blueberries, which I am quite excited about. We haven't finished all the blackberries we picked last week, but I do love me some blueberry pie. And how cool is my law school that we go to a local farm for orientation! At some other school, I bet they go to a local securities firm.

I'll leave you with a close(r) up photo of the stitch pattern from the Rainy Day socks. I love the way the straight ribbing and the wavy rib play off each other. Until we can afford a new camera, I can only dream of getting close-ups like those available elsewhere, but I can try.

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lupinbunny said...

yeesh. We had no official faculty welcome fun. The law student union 'get to know ya' is a law camp that I couldn't attend, and, in old tradition, a Hawaiin themed picnic on an island a 40min ferry ride from my city. Both the camp and the 'picnic' involve so much alcohol that someone usually ends up in hospital (because bringing so much alochol onto the island with a bunch of underage kids would attract police attention, it was ROWED ASHORE in best pirate-smuggling style. I kid you not).
While the picnic was kind of fun at the time, I think berry picking might be better for you.