Sunday, August 12, 2007


27.98. That's the reading on my bike's odometer after our ride today. It's the most I've ever biked at once, ever! Today was the Bridge Pedal, and it was so much fun. There were over 20,000 riders, and there were bands set up on some of the larger bridges. It was so cool to see bikes pedaling over all the major roadways, and even on the interstate!

We started at 7:30 and finished around 11. When we got home, we pretty much just collapsed and napped the rest of the day. We were especially tired because yesterday we biked all over the city and then to school for a picnic. Then, we stayed up way too late drinking and playing board games with our new law school friends. And, we forgot to eat dinner last night. Six hours of sleep + no pre-ride dinner makes for a very difficult morning when you have to get up at 6:30 am! Luckily, there were plenty of free (and soy-based!) energy bars to be had throughout the ride.

Since we got home, we've only had enough energy to make some grilled cheese sandwiches, nap, and sprawl o nthe couch to watch the Daily Show clips at One Good Move. I also managed to pick up some needles and knit the earflaps for Swell.

Yesterday we went to the coop grocery and they had the Fall Interweave Knits in the magazines at the checkout counter! My first issue (Summer) is supposed to ship on the 15th, so I'm not sure when I'm going to get the fall issue, but I had a good time flipping through it while we were in line. I'm thinking that having a sweater on the needles will provide a good excuse to take a break from studying when I need it.

Also added to the queue are some bedroom slippers for Mike's mom- I'm thinking of using this pattern from Craftster. What do you think, Jackie? Maybe I'll find something a little more intricate on Ravelry- I've been too pooped to look so far.

Here's me, when I had way more energy. Yay bikes!

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