Sunday, June 10, 2007

Yikes! Stripes! Fruit Striped... Socks!

Look Mom, I started a sock! It's for my best friend from throughout high school. Unfortunately, she does not have miniature feet. (Mike's mom is sitting here saying, "I've got small feet! I've got small feet!") However, this friend's birthday is not until August, and I will have time to reknit. I am also planning socks for another friend with a birthday in August, and also I want to make something for my brother's birthday, also in August. Good thing I don't know anyone with a birthday in July!

I'm quite sad this particular sock is turning out so small, because I've spent two whole days knitting up to the heel, and also because when I cast on, I was debating about whether to do five or six pattern repeats. I'm using a Chevron stitch pattern I found online, and there are 13 stitches in it (plus one). The Anastasias were 60 stitches around, knit on US size 2s. I don't know why I thought that 66 stitches on US zeroes would be big enough. Teaches me not to swatch.

I worked in the gallery again this weekend, and had lots of time to knit. I decided to turn the heel after just 5" of leg knitting, because the leg is so skinny I couldn't see how it would fit any further past anyone's ankle. I now think it won't fit anybody's foot at all.

On Saturday, Mike and I went to a performance of the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps. This was very exciting, because I (used to) play the trumpet, and Mike's a drummer. I went to a high school in New England, where I went to one football game and have forgotten entirely the marching band, and then I went to a women's college without a marching band at all. So this performance of a worldclass marching band and drumline was awesome. Anyway, I knit throughout the performance (they only did one field piece), and afterwards, made a knitting friend. This elderly woman caught me on our way out of the stands and we chatted about the Chevron stitch and the amazingness of this yarn!

It's Cascade Superwash Sassy Stripes, and I love it. The colors are great and it's soft and nice to work with. It does split with these needles, especially as I was picking up the wraps turning the heel. I don't understand the purpose of the wraps- can someone explain them to me? They just seem annoying. But I do love short row heels the best.

Also annoying? Poison oak. I am viciously allergic to poison oak, poison ivy, and mango skin. Mango skin, you ask. Yes, it's related. We did yard work on Tuesday and I now have poison oak on my eye, lower back, and neck. Luckily, I have miniature socks to distract me.


Courtney said...

I've had the same problem with zigzag, Jaywalker-type patterns. I think it's because the fabric isn't very stretchy. When I made my Jaywalkers, I was sure that the smaller size (cast on 76) was going to be too small, but it fit just right.

Renee said...

Oh Elizabeth, you have my sympathy on the poison oak. As Jackie will tell you, I can't pet the pets and I have to be careful where I sit when I am there for a visit as I am so sensitive to P.O. I am afraid it only gets worse over time.
I love the stripe sock yarn. Jackie and I both have small feet by the way! I am planning to dye my own self-striping yarn this summer. I will let you know when it is done! -Renee