Saturday, June 23, 2007

One sock? Check!

I finished the first of the Chevron socks last night. After trying to make it bigger, and longer, for my friend who has feet at least a size and a half bigger than me... this sock still fits me perfectly. Oops. Maybe I can block it out? How does one block socks, anyway?

I absolutely love the pattern on these socks. The zig-zags go so well with the stripes. But, I'm not too thrilled about the stockingette stripes on the instep. It just looks so... bland. Luckily, that part is on the bottom, so most of the time, we get to look at beautiful beautiful zigzags!

I tried my hand once more at kitchener across the toes. I'm pretty sure I get it, but still something isn't quite right with it. I probably just wasn't paying close enough attention.

I used not-quite-all of the first skein, so I'm going to cast on for the second sock with the end of this skein, and use the leftovers of the second skein for an accessory. Maybe a wristlet.

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