Thursday, June 14, 2007

Let's go to the beach

Actually, let's go to Santa Barbara! I doubt we'll actually go to the beach- we're only here for one day (today) to help Mike's sister move out of her college apartment.

It was a seven hour drive, and despite all my claims of not being a car-knitter, look what I did! The other night, I ripped out the entire miniature sock, and cast on when we left for Santa Barbara. I knit almost the entire way (except for the one hour I was driving), and got through almost all of the yarn I had ripped out! I'm very proud of myself. (Although Mike and his mom would have preferred for me to do a little bit more of the driving!)

When we got here, I noticed in Sara's closet, she had a great shirt, knit in a Chevron stitch very similar to the one that I'm using for my socks! I really like how it looks, and if I can muster the courange to knit a shirt out of fingering weight yarn, this might be a lightweight knit shirt I'd actually wear! I wish I'd taken a picture of it before she packed it, it was so cute.

UPDATE: I found the sweater! I'm pretty sure the decreases are: k2tog, k1 and pass the k2tog over. And the increases are yo twice. (For the socks, it's k2tog, slip one, k1, psso, and yo, k1, yo).

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Claudia said...

That sweater is *fierce*!