Sunday, May 27, 2007

Working Girl

Unlike everyone else in the world, I am working this weekend. It's ok, though, because I haven't worked since April! Also, the job entials sitting at a desk, in the upstairs gallery of an art shop, waiting for the (very few) customers to come in. I don't know much about art, so it's good that the customers are few and far between.

This also means I get to work on my knitting! I worked the entire foot and turned the heel of the second Anastasia sock yesterday- a very productive day! Today, however, I brought my laptop in and discovered a wireless connection! There will surely be much less knitting accomplished today. (The artist-in-residence who has her studio next to the gallery keeps checking in on me to see what my progress has been. It's very flattering to have a sincerely talented artist be amazed at my li'l ol' socks...)

When I started the left sock, all the k2tog of the right sock became ssk, so that the spirals slant left instead of right. I started happily along (while watching North by Northwest with Mike's Mom!)... and got about an inch or so into the pattern when I noticed that the spirals looked awfully bad, compared to the right sock. I got out my computer and looked up how exactly one is supposed to ssk.

Turns out, there's a bit of a controversy. What I had been doing (slip one, knit the next and pass the slipped stitch over) is not in fact ssk! The ssk definitions I found were something to the effect of knit two together through the back of the stitch. Knitty says to slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together.

What does anyone else do for SSK? I like the way knitting 2 together through the back of the stitch looks, although it's a lot bumpier than the k2tog sock.

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Renee said...

Hi Elizabeth! Can't wait to see the completed socks. I consulted my Knitters Companion. I forgot I had it. I got it to remind me of the basics when I attempt to knit about every 5 years. For SSK it says to "slip two stitches knitwise, one at a time, onto the right needle. Then insert the point of the left needle into the front of the two slipped stitches to hold them in place while you knit them together through the back of the loops with the right needle." You probably already have a handle on it but this might confirm your info.
I am not surprised the artist next door is interested in your socks! Most artists are interested in what other people create. -Renee