Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Sock with a View

Finally, some knitting! And not only knitting, but a finished sock! And what a gorgeous place to knit, eh?

We've made it home and are recuperating & relaxing at Mike's mom's house, where we will live until we move to Law School City.

Check me out, spinning! The yarn I made is pretty crazy and lumpy, and not in that hip "novelty yarn" style, but more in that "I don't know what the heck I'm doing" style. It made about 1 yard of two-ply undyed merino wool. Maybe I'll knit up a swatch and hang it on the wall. Or perhaps a potholder.


lupinbunny said...

beautiful view! My boy's mum lives in equally remote and pretty wilderness, except that two days into any visit he and I both get hideous, hideous hayfever from all that fresh rural air, and it kind of kills the joy a little.

Renee said...

Hi Elizabeth, I tried a couple of times to leave a comment on your last post but Google was having issues at the time so I am hoping this one goes through. I recognize the very spot you and your lovely sock are in! Good job! I tried to say a couple of things in my last comment. One was we enjoyed having you and our favorite nephew visit and it was too bad we didn't know you needed a tapestry needle. I have lot of course! I will try to make the rest of the comment on your previous post. Glad you are back safe, love to all of you there. Thanks for correcting the link to my blog! -R