Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Stash!

I am at my mother's house, for a few reasons, one of which is to finish going through all my things and bring the final loads of things out West with me.

One of the things I found was... my stash! It was largely inherited from a friend of my mom's who lived near my college. Most of the yarn is less than a skein, unlabelled. There are some yarns I have bought and some that are in half-finished sweaters (also inherited). As you can see, I had been keeping my stash, as it is, in some fairly unfriendly conditions. An old comforter bag, among others. It was not a pretty sight.

I packed it all into a box, to be shipped across the country when we finally have a house, and all that was left were a few strands of mismatched yarn, tangled up in a knot. I did not keep these.

And in just a few short weeks, I will have my complete stash with me- finally! Whew.

In better news, I'm getting ready to turn the heel on the Anastasia socks. I love them so far. And I might have finally mastered the art of knitting with very small yarn and very small needles.

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