Friday, May 11, 2007

Take Me Home Country Roads

Not only am I currently listening to this song, but it is also apropos to what I need to tell you.

While we were on the East Coast, Mike bought a car. It was sort of spur of the moment and sort of well planned out, and now we are driving the car across the country. Except for Vermont, I don't know of any state that provides Wifi at its rest areas (ILOVERMONT), so I will most likely not be blogging for the next 10-15 days. I will, however, be in a car for up to 12 hours a day, with two sets of needles, one half-finished sock, and my stash. Mike also suggested we buy me some new needles and yarn so I can have projects for in the car! What a great guy.

Hopefully when we get home, 1) we will still be talking to each other and 2) I will have many many FOs to show you!

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