Monday, April 23, 2007

Daisy Stitch Help (for Sarah!)

An old friend of mine (since elementary school!) has been lurking on my blog and just sent me and email asking for help with the Daisy Stitch pattern on the Ice Princess Headband I made a while ago. I thought I'd post my tutorial for the stitch on here, so it'd be easy for her to see the pictures and the sequence.

She's having trouble with this line of the pattern : "p3tog, yo, purl same 3 sts tog again"
Step 1. p3tog. Just as you would purl two together (or knit two together), but don't slip the left-hand stitches off the needle.

Step 2. yo. Wrap the yarn counter-clockwise around the right-hand needle, so that it is in front again. (You've essentially just created another stitch on the right-hand needle)

Step 3. purl same 3 sts tog again. Now purl the three stitches you purled in Step 1 together again, the same way. Except now, slip them off the left-hand needle.

This photo shows your two needles. On the left-hand needle (top), the three stitches you just purled twice, ready to be slipped off the needle. On the right-hand needle (bottom), the three stitches you just created by purling, yo'ing, and purling again.

The finished stitch! (Two of them, side by side)


Joanne said...

Great instructions and pictures!

Nice looking Daisies.

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

hey thanks! i will definitely go try this again when i go home. i thought i understood in the message you sent back to me (and maybe i did) but as a beginning knitter i think i am knitting too tightly and i was having too hard a time so i just gave up and started on this:

very easy, but pretty cute.

yay, thanks again for posting this!