Sunday, January 28, 2007

Ugly Yarn and High Fashion Sweaters

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at home with one of my roommates, listening to This American Life and knitting. I was working on the buttony sweater (the brown one below) and she wanted to knit something too. So she picked up this ball of variegated yarn she had and started knitting away. There are some parts of the yarn that are quite lovely, but overall, we decited it wins the award for "Ugliest Yarn Ever". Decide for yourself.

Spending all day knitting really gets a lot done! I'm doing the bottom ribbing, and have about two more inches to go until the body is done. Unfortunately, I am also almost done with my last ball of Dazzleaire Mocha. I bought all the yarn at a thrift shop in Sonoma County in September when I was playng housewife, and couldn't find a sweater pattern to use it on. So I knit a scarf and some mittens to bide my time with the yarn.. and now I don't have enough!! I gave the scarf as a gift for Christmas, so I can't even take out any projects to get more yarn! Dazzleaire is some old-school, cheap acrylic-nylon blend, discontinued type of yarn, so there'e no hope of getting the right dye lot, and very little hope of getting any more yarn at all! I did, however, find one person on ebay selling 3 skeins of Dazzleaire Mocha. Hopefully I will win the auction and be able to finish my sweater, sleeves and all!

However, no sweater knit in Dazzleaire could ever hope to acheive high fashion status. No, I am referring in fact to a sweater I have just added to the dream list.

Over the summer, in anticipation of my time to be spent playing housewife, I offered to make the pattern for and knit a beautiful sweater/coat for one of my friends, that she found in some high fashion New York magazine. she was going to pay me and I was going to have a great project. However, none of that deal ever materialized and she ended up buying an acceptable alternative.

Then, the other day I found someone else's pattern for a very similar, high fashion sweater, and I think I might knit it for myself. (Pattern and photos from Miss Twiss)

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