Thursday, January 25, 2007

Knit City!

Welcome to my new blog! I had an old one (, but I was seduced my the smooth stylings of Blogger. I haven't been a very frequent poster on my former blog, but I do knit a lot, so perhaps there will be more posting on here!

I also work at a bakery and love all things baked. I love to bake bread, but cupcakes also hold a special place in my heart.

I'll begin with the last post from my former blog, and we'll get to know each other from there!


I have a strange addiction. Knitting blogs! I spend so much time reading knitting blogs, I don't have time to knit or read real things (like political blogs. Or, you know... books.)

But, inspired by several things I saw on blogs, here is what I'm knitting now!

Yes, it's a cupcake! Yes, I work at a bakery. And yes, we might be selling these at the bakery. Best Valentine ever.

My roommate loves squirrels. So I knew I had to knit her these when I first saw the pattern. Also, my favorite project bag.

And something for me- with yarn bought for 50 cents a skein at a Goodwill. A pair of mittens and a cute side-button top-down raglan sweater. The pattern came from here.

Instead of having a stash of yarn stockpiled in a closet or dresser, I have dozens and dozens of bookmarked patterns. Some of them are leftover from formerly intentioned projects and now I have no interest in knitting from them (kind of like some people's stashes!)... however, some of the patterns are amazing and I definitely plan on making them. When my low-wage job allows.


Liz said...

This is a great blog. I am hooked.

Claudia said...

Holy crap, Liz-O! You are a knitting fool! I am so impressed by that squirrel thing. Out of control.

Joanne said...

Hospital nurseries are frequently looking for special baby items to send home with moms. Especially the inner city ones and neonatal intensive care units taking care of the preemies. Those preemie babies may have weighed less than a pound at birth and need tiny items. So make those baby things and they will have very special meaning to those that go home with them! You could call the maternity units and ask if they take donations.

I love the cupcake!
Love, Mom