Saturday, January 27, 2007

Baby Time

I wish more of my friends were having babies! I see all these cute baby patterns for hats and sweaters and booties... and I only know one couple with a baby. And they live in Hawaii, and hence have no use for sweaters. Maybe they can find a use for this, though...

There are a LOT of cute babies in Berkeley. Many of them come into the bakery and press their little faces up against the glass of the counter, staring at the cookies. None of them bother with the croissants or danish or brownies- no, just the cookies. And I'm not talking about the small, drop cookies, or the oatmeal raisin or sunflower sesame cookies their parents point out to them. No, these children demand the Tollhouse, which is often bigger than their head.

It's been suggested that we should make an adult-version of the Tollhouse in relation to children. That is, a Tollhouse cookie that would be larger than an adult's head. Can you imagine eating that? I can't.

UPDATE: I'm still figuring out this whole Blogger thing. The first time I labelled this post, I labelled it "Baking babies" instead of "Baking" and "Babies". Woops!

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Liz said...

If you need to make that hat, you know I will wear it!