Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to Baking!

Yesterday, Roomie (I've got two, and for the sake of the internet, both are getting sly nicknames. There's Other Cupcake [the OC] and LP. No points if you guess which is which and you actually know us. Also the Boy needs a nickname, too... we're debating between Little Drummer Boy, Snake, and The Music Man. I don't really like any of them...)

Anyway, so yesterday The OC and I were at work (we work together at a collectively owned bakery), baking up a batch of cupcakes for Valentine's Day. We spent three hours making delicious vegan chocolate cupcakes and pink frosting (we just had to dye some white cream cheese frosting), and decorating the cookies. There was some CRAZY dancing and giggling happening throughout.

The final result: (note the gay cupcakes and the slyly captioned... Eat me, Kiss me, Je t'aime!)

Also, I ran across some Margarita Cupcakes on another knitting blog. That's some crazy shit.

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