Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Me? You Shouldn't Have!

Apologies for the recent absence - life has snuck up on me!

I gave my oral arguments last night, which means the first of my five classes is over for the semester! Now, I have two weeks and two days until my first final (gulp!), so I'm not making any promises for posts, knitting related or otherwise until the middle of May.

However, once the middle of May rolls around, you can expect some very exciting posts, because... we're moving! Into a house! That we'll own (at least partially)!

In celebration, when our offer was accepted a few weeks ago, I bought myself three sweaters worth of yarn from the Webs sale. For less than $5 a skein, I just couldn't help myself!

L to R: Cascade 220 in Blue Teal Heather, Black, and Lemon Yellow, and flowers from Mike!

The Blue Teal Heather is for the Central Park Hoodie, to replace a well-worn cabled hoodie that is rife with pills.

Black is for the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan, to replace a well-worn and mostly fulled black cardigan.

The Lemon Yellow is for the Placed Cable Aran, just for fun!

(Apologies for the Ravelry links, non-ravellers)

Mrs. Darcy will be first, for a Summer Knits Knit-along with my Ravelry group, Knitting Law Students. I admit, it's not very summery, but I'd like to be able to have a nice, handknit cardigan to combat office air-conditioning.



Amy said...

Congratulations on finishing the oral arguments! Mine were a few weeks ago, and I about died from nerves. Amusingly enough, I have a black Mrs. Darcy in my brain, which I'll cast on after I finish the sweater I'm working on... and considering I'm closer to finals than you, who knows when that will be. :-)

Lena said...

Ooooh, where will your house be? Congratulations--that's so exciting!

Bertha said...

I am trying to resist the Cascade sale at Webs myself! I can't wait to see your placed cable aran, it's one of my favoritest patterns!

Liz said...

I've been wanting to knit the Darcy cardi for quite some time, but so many projects keep popping up in my queue! I think black is an excellent choice. But then again, if it were up to me, everything I knit would be black.