Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Embossed Leaves- A Surprise FO!

Pattern: Embossed Leaves, from Interweave Knits Favorite Socks
Yarn: Hazel Knits' Artisan Sock in Beachglass
Needles: Begun on my cantakerous Brittany US 2 dpns, finished on some marvelous Addi Turbo Lace circulars. I love me some magic loop.
Time: Just under a month. Begun before spring break in March, finished before finals in April.

Notes: This is a surprise FO, because as I may have mentioned, finals are right around the corner, and I cannot begin to tell you how unprepared I feel. (I'll give you a hint: REALLY unprepared.)

But, Mike was gone this weekend, visiting a high school friend who was in a pretty serious skateboarding accident, so after a long day of studying, I found myself staying up late, watching The Smartest Guys in the Room, and finishing these socks Saturday night.

I spray-blocked them on my feet Sunday, which was probably not the smartest idea, as we were experiencing a cold snap. Not the best time to be sitting around in wet socks.

The pattern was easy to memorize, which I liked. I changed the heel - the pattern is written for a strange stockinette heel with a garter stitch edge. I knit the first heel that way, then discovered it was super baggy. I ripped it out and knit a nice, tight slipped stitch heel, and all was well.

I really love the star-toe. I love how it finishes off each petal of the final pattern repeat. It does make my toes look a little flat / square, but I can live with that. I've heard people have concerns that a star-toe won't be comfortable to walk on, but I have no complaints so far.

My one complaint with the pattern is how large the leaves are. I was expected a smaller lace pattern, I guess. Also, I found it really hard to hold the three purl stitches between each pattern repeat tight. I ended up with some laddering, and some fairly large holes where the pattern called for a k1,yo,p1. I found it easier just to lift the stitch below on the next round instead.

All in all, some lovely socks.

Back to the books.


Bertha said...

Ooh! So pretty! How did you like knitting with the Hazel Knits? I have some Beach Glass in my stash too that I am dying to try!

Liz said...


Those socks are gorgeous, especially in that colorway. I have to admit, I'm very into socks now. Before I started my first pair, I was not so impressed with them and had no desire to knit them. But now! SOCKS!

I love that yarn - maybe I will use some for my next socks...

Claudia said...

I don't understand how you can make things that are both pretty and useful. Once, I knitted a rectangle. It was neither of the above.

Anonymous said...

To: Claudia--knit three more rectangles. Voila! You have a front, back and two sleeves of a nice boxy sweater. :o)