Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brightening your day, one mug sweater at a time.

Remember my friend Claudia? The one whose blog I told you to go read if you wanted witty anecdotes? The one for whom I made a mug sweater, to replace those silly cardboard sleeves you can put around your paper coffee cup so you don't burn your fingers?

Well, said wit and said mug sweater have combined for a touching and witty tale involving a university co-op, morning coffee, and an impressed unimpressibly hip co-op worker. Hie thyself to her blog to read the story, then come back here, refreshed and awed by the greatness that are university co-ops, for some knitting content.

I've picked up some stash yarn out of my rather large, inherited, acrylic stash and started some socks! I figured, while I'm waiting for the bulky wool to dry (seriously! It's been over a week. Portland is just that wet), and since I bought that book of sock patterns, I should make one.

I don't have enough of the white to make a whole sock, so I'm doing a blue cuff and perhaps toe, and a white body of the sock.

They're both some sort of acrylic mix - I know, I did the burn test! I think the white is cotton / acrylic and the blue is wool / acrylic. They're the same weight, t hough, and it's stash knitting, so I'm happy.

It's the Uptown Bootsock (Ravelry) from Interweave Favorite Socks.

I also gave into a serious yarn craving last night. I've been trolling the Destashing forum on Ravelry, and got a hankering for some bright pink sock yarn for Valentine's Day. Didn't find any on Ravelry, but got a tip that an online yarn shop (Sonny and Shear- too cute!) had a 20% discount. They also happened to have the perfect shade of pink. And also a gorgeous aquamarine I couldn't pass up. Scratching a yarn itch feels so good.

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