Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love Fest, in Photos

Flowers from my mom!

Delivered on the 15th, so they'd be more of a surprise, and less work for the flower shop.

V-Day b-fast.

French toast, soaked overnight, and mimosas.

V-day dinner.

We spent three hours cooking and ended up with an Indian feast! Cashew curry lamb (from the farmer's market), potato samosas, and dried fruit rice pilaf. The curry was delicious, but decidedly un-photogenic. We did not, in fact, eat cat vomit for Valentine's Day dinner.

New yarn, and a new pattern.

Mike's dad is in town for the International Film Festival, and has been very generously taking us out to movies & extravagant meals all week. I was going to the Knit / Purl sale right after a movie, and he handed me some money for my yarn! I got Cashsoft by RYC, a mix of cashmere and cotton, and had a little leftover so bought myself some Addi Turbo circulars, to replace my shitty size 2 dpns that keep breaking and are absurdly long.

The yarn is awesome, and I think this is going to be the softest sweater ever.

And,thank you and welcome to all my new readers and commenters! I don't always receive your email address when you leave a comment, but I try to respond if I can (by tracking you down on Ravelry, for example). If you've left a comment and I didn't respond, I apologize- I promise I loved what you said and am so grateful you are reading my words!

It's a gorgeous spring day today, so I think I'll try doing some reading outside!


Anonymous said...

Darn you and your nice spring day! My town is on the receiving end of some nasty winter weather, namely snow and freezing rain, lovingly referred to as wintry mix. But, I'm glad someone is enjoying nice weather!

What a nice Valentine's weekend! I'm jealous of the french toast and mimosas. That's my favorite, ever!

Are you knitting up that little yellow cardi in the new IK? I love that pattern! I'm hoping I get a little yarn spending money from the relatives, soon, too. :)

Joanne said...

I love being able to see "my" flowers shortly after they were received.

Your blog makes it easier to accept your being so far away.

So glad you have a great someone to have overnight French Toast and Mimosas with.

Julia said...

I LOVE that yarn! It's what I made the Sarjetees booties out of. That yarn is so soft, I wanted to knit a blanket out of it so I could wrap myself in the softness all night. Enjoy!

Claudia said...

Is Mike's dad coming to DC anytime soon?

Kirsty said...

What a lovely spread! And yummy yarn too...
Thanks for commenting on my dress- a wide brown leather belt is a great idea, I'll keep my eyes peeled in the shops!