Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Knitty, not Witty.

This is just weird. Milk? In yarn? I'm not convinced.

Moving on.

I finished a commissioned piece! Claudia, a kick-ass, radical, genius, and inspirational friend from undergrad, requested a mug coozy of her own, after seeing the one I made for Katie. Now her hands can stay nice and warm, but not scalding, and she can move one step closer to a sustainable life, free of unnecessary paper-mug-holder-things. (Although let's not get into a discussion about the sustainability of acrylic yarn, svp.)

I couldn't find any paper mugs to model this coozy for me, so I used a pint glass from our alma mater. If I were as witty as Claudia, I'd say something witty here to end the post. Unfortunately, I can only help you out with knitty things. If you're looking for witty things, go read Claudia's blog.

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Claudia said...

Awww... And this is the third time this month that have I wished upon a star that Liz Oshel were on every graduate school admissions committee.