Sunday, June 1, 2008

Presenting... my home!

We finally have internet in the new house, so I can share some pictures!

These are just snippets- I haven't gotten the house in a clean enough state for long enough that I can take pictures to share with you! But, we do have furniture in all the rooms and can stop trawling Craig's List constantly.

The view - The mantel (wood burning fireplaces! Two!) - Our bedroom

Banana muffins (new gas stove!) - Reading chair - Flowers on the table

The bathroom and cat - Baker's cart - Dream stove

All in all, we absolutely love this house. We couldn't have asked for a better home. As someone who hasn't lived anywhere for more than six months since my first year of college, I am very excited to nest and be here for many years.

I've also been knitting, although not as much as I imagined. I thought once finals ended, I'd have the Elizabeth Bennett cardigan finished in no time. But you'd be surprised (or probably not surprised!) at how much time moving and starting work takes up!

I had the cardigan out blocking a few days ago (back and two fronts), and took pictures, but apparently I deleted them before uploading. Ooops! Photos soon, I promise.

Now that I have internet, nothing can get in my way!


Sarah said...

oh. my. god. your house is absolutely beautiful! i am unbelievably jealous. congrats! i'm looking for a place to live in baltimore right now, and man, i really wish i could buy something. the problem is that anything i could afford that is in a safe area would need a ton of work, which would be fun, but difficult to combine with grad school.

Damaris said...

you new house is amazing. I want to visit you. congratualations

Joanne said...

Unbelievably awesome place. I really wish I lived closer. Or had a way that is faster than air travel to get there.

Love ya both.

Meg said...

So beautiful & soothing! a wonderful environment to get your creative juices flowing!