Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ribbed Lace Bolero Progresses

For some reason, I haven't been bringing books home to do work this week. I've been getting enough work done at school, so there's no reason to schlep books to and from school on my bike, right?

And that means I can knit instead of study, right?


This is the Ribbed Lace Bolero I'm working on for the wedding on Saturday. I definitely procrastinated too long on casting on for this. However, DK weight yarn on US 10 aluminum needles is going fairly fast. The needles are really long- 14"!- which means I can't knit in any chair that has arms. The needles hit the arms and break my knitting-stride. Which I don't really have with this pattern, as all the yo's and the ssk's slow me down a little.

I am glad to be working on the lace part, because I did the ribbing on wooden US 7s, and the wood needles really hated this yarn. The fiber really stuck to the needles and made it hard to slide the stitches around. We're doing much better on the 10s, though. And aluminum needles aren't that bad.

If I start having a lot of work to do later this week, which I'm sure I will, at least I'll have the plane ride to LA for knitting time. And while Mike is out partying it up bachelor-party style, I can stay in the hotel and knit, granny-style. (Or go party it up with his mom, whichever ;-)

PS- Yes, we have two pencil sharpeners. Who knows why? I don't even write with pencils.


jenne & george said...

i dig your pencil sharpeners.

Claudia said...
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Claudia said...

Not only are those pencil sharpeners, those are the same pencil sharpeners that my mother the 4th grade teacher has had in her classroom since, no joke, 1985. Same sharpeners, same classroom, same mom.

Also, I hate when I make embarrassing typos and must delete a comment instead of being able to edit it.

Joanne said...

but when you want a pencil sharpener - you want it then. So never bad things to have around.

I like my very old fashioned mechanical one - screwed to the wall and you do it by hand!

Like they had when I was in school (HO HO)