Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dec 15, 2008

Dec 15, 2008
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It snowed today! Not quite three inches and the whole city shut down. There was a sign on the highway, telling everyone chains were required in the Portland metro area.

I drove to church this morning and felt pretty good that my winter driving skills lived up to all my talk about other people not knowing how to drive in the snow.

Since Portland has no plows and no sand trucks, and it's not supposed to get above freezing until Wednesday, which means the snow is not going anywhere, school is canceled tomorrow!


jenne said...

This picture is begging to tell the tale of two trees. We had maybe an inch of snow that stuck and all the schools in the area closed. Chains required is pretty extreme though, did you see anyone with them? Like the police or perhaps you?

Joanne said...
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knitthehellout said...

Snow days are the best! I had one Monday too.

Joanne said...

Of course you still remember how to drive in the weather! When you learned to drive that January / Feburary - it was a standard transmission car - and it was sever snow and ice. You'll never forget how to drive in snow.

Julia said...

We just had about 4 inches and nothing shut down! We have the salt trucks and plows, yet nothing was plowed this morning. It took me 40 minutes to drive the 1 mile to work. Stupid Salt Lake City!

One and Doll said...

Yay for snow days!!! Are you still "snowed in"

There is no snow in Seattle- but there is snow where i work (north of the city)crazy!!!