Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Which Comes First?

The Chicken?

Or the egg?
For us, the chickens came first. On Monday, we went out and bought two Araucana chickens from a family in Washington. There was some drama when we got the chickens home- we got one in the coop and the other managed to get away before we could get in inside. We chased her down Monday evening, then gave up after we got her out from under a neighbor's deck, but lost her in the bushes.

Luckily, yesterday the one who got away came back! I was at school, but the roomies chased her down and caught her. Less than 6 hours later, these two eggs were in the nesting boxes in the coop!

Can you see the light green tint in the shells? Yummy.

Also, check out these yolks.


jenne said...

They're beautiful!

Joanne said...

The chickens, eggs in shells & cooked eggs are all beautiful.

The cooked eggs also look like a great phantom of the opera mask!

Jess is here and loves the chickens & eggs also.

I bet they tasted great.