Monday, August 11, 2008

Coming Home to Roost

Pooling = bad.

I started work on a pair of Monkeys using some delicious bluegreen Shibui sock yarn. It was nice to be working on a project again, as I hadn't knit a stitch since finishing the Charades (below).

Unfortunately, as you can see, the Shibui + 64 st pattern = hideous pooling death.

I ripped back, adjusted the stitch count, and tried again. Same result. Boo. The socks are currently sitting in time out in my knitting basket, and I'm again casting about for something to knit.

In some exciting house news, we got a chicken coop tonight!

Now all we need are some chickens! We're debating whether we'll get baby chicks (super cute) or older pullets (fresh eggs now!). But whatever chickens we get, they'll have this beautiful home.

Another thing we have is a really cute cat. I hate when bloggers just post photos of their cats, as a regular feature, but I promise I won't do that.
Hello- I make very cute facial expressions!


Ink and Indigo said...

I've seen other people have problems with Shibui pooling when it's not colourworked. It's such a nice colour though!
I'd recommend getting chicks - the pullets wouldn't lay for a week or two anyway until they get seriously used to their environment: my mum's chickens didn't lay until they'd been there two months. Plus: cute! As is your cat. I love fluffball kitties.

Joanne said...

I think it is way cool tha tyou are getting chickens.

By the way - what is "pooling"?